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You can make a Puppet Now! How to make Patterns and Puppets - Now available for download at Amazon

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I'm Back again~! ( 07-12-14 )

New book now available for download at
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email us to place Puppet orders!
With so many choices, it's the only way to get the right Monster in your hand!

The MonsterPuppets are between 25 & 29 inches tall depending on which size eyes we use - not incuding legs, feet, antennas or ears.
( add 13 more inches for Full Body feature ).

Prices $ - Click Here

Andy the MTV Music Video Star!

Andy the MTV Music Video Star Puppet!

See our "Picture Page" or click on Andy for more details

Perfect Puppets for your Television, Church, Magic or Classroom Performances!

Great "Crowd-Pleasing" Full Body Ventriloquist Puppets also available!

Super Holiday / Birthday Gift for Family and Friends!

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She Monsters too!
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Orange Freon puppet

If you were looking for more than a Child's Hand Puppet,

Revil & Sizzler puppets

Congratulations found us!

Snap puppet!

Stitch puppet!

Photographer's secret Smile tools!

Kevin puppet!

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If you need a little more time,
"Monster Lay-Away" is the Answer.

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Hollow puppet!

Red Fizz puppet!

Yip puppet

Super Live-Action Puppets!
Puppets that Blink!

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Little Harry and some other MonsterPuppets
are staring in the children's television show
Nanna's Cottage
Monster Sunday School
which may be seen in your area of the world on TBN ( Trinity Broadcast Network ).

MySpace.Com to see some clips.

Click on pictures for fun!

Naser Full-Body Monster Puppet!

We make "Broadway" Puppets too!

Orange Broadway Monster Puppet with Horns $300.00

Teaching with Puppets

Many of our customers use Monster Puppets to teach or entertain children in their Classroom, Church, or Library with a growing number of educators who use Puppets to reach out to special-needs kids and adults including those who are described as Autistic ( having Autism ), Downs Syndrome, A.D.D. ( Attention Deficit Disorder ) and other learning disabilities.

Most of these teachers are not professional puppet ventriloquists however, many have discovered that Puppets succeed in bridging the gap by making a truly apparent - educational connection with their students.

Do you have to be a professional puppeteer to see these results for yourself ? Of course not. Our Monster and Bug Puppets are easy to use and Children are mostly interested in the Puppets, with little consideration or critique for the actual performance. Especially if the Puppet really grabs their attention and we've got that covered!

An easy puppetry / ventriloquism trick, that we call the Whisper technique can get you started as soon as you open the box. Simply have our Monster or Bug Puppets whisper their comments, replies or lessons into your ear and then translate what was said to your students!

The puppets appear to be a little shy and only feel comfortable speaking to you! This simple technique can break the ice and open many of those locked doors. Plus, its a great way to get you and your new Puppets acquainted with each other and your students. As time and lessons progress, you may determine that your Puppets are ready to make sounds or simple noises? The educational paths are only limited by your imagination.

Check back soon.
We create new Shaggy Puppets every week!

Cheddar the Rat puppet - Click to see more Gray Puppets!

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Green Binky puppet - Click to see more Green Puppets

According to Websters English Dictionary:

mon-ster n. An animal or plant having
an abnormal form or structure; an
animal, plant, or object having a
frightening or deformed shape; one
unusually large for its kind.
monster-ity, monster-ousness n,
monster-ous adj., monster-ously adv.

According to Websters English Dictionary:

pup-pet n. A small figure of an animal or
person which is manipulated by hand
or by strings. puppeteer, puppetry n.

International Language Definitions:

monster / n mostro
monstrous / mostruosso (a)
puppet / n burattino

monster / monstre m
monstrosity / monstruosit;
~trous / monstrueux; atroce; rme, colossal.
puppet / marionnette f, pantin m. ( toy )

monster / Monster n, Ungeheuer n (a. fig); Monstrum n.
monstrosity / Ungeheuerlichkeit f; Monstrum n;
monstrous / ungeheuer; mst contp ungeheuerlich.
puppet / handpuppe f; marionette f ( a fig );
~show / Marionettentheater n, Puppenspiel n
puppeteer / Puppenspieler (in)

monster / monstruo m; ~rous / enorme; monstruoso
puppet / titere m

Monsters sound like this

( email is Best )

Phone (256) 444-7114

If you need television puppets, stage puppets, church puppets or just a Monster, or Bug Puppet for your Children's Ministry, you've come to the right place. Monster Puppets are larger than average Hand Puppets and can prove to be one of your most valuable Teacher tools! Our Furry friends can be made in almost any color combination, just drop us a line and ask!

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