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Monster Puppets

A Giant Professional Puppet from
The Serious On-Line Source for Custom made Monster Puppets!

( Huge Monster named Gus! )

This is one of the largest professional puppets that you will find for sale.

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Performing at a whopping 44 inch height,
"Gus" is our Studio / Stage design with many crowd pleasing features that will make them SCREAM!

Full-foam in head and body areas with
Super Shaggy fur that "moves" when you do.

Custom matching Shaggy Ears and Eyes
( with Black Shaggy eye lashes )

Plus a set of our matching "Arm-Sleeves"
built right-in for the ultimate "It’s Alive" effect!

Important Notes about GUS:

He costs $350.00 and Yes - it requires "two" people to operate Gus with "Both" of his Arm-Sleeves.

Gus can be made in ANY Color!

We CAN add Legs and Feet to Gus for the same cost as the other Full-Body puppets ( $60.00 ).

Gus CAN be made as a Blinker for an additional $150.00.

We have made MANY Gus puppets over the years and I have several pictures scattered all over this web-site. Feel free to email and ask to see some other color combinations
Many have contrasting belly areas.

Also: "Blinking" Gus Puppets require some practice to operate. He's a very big fellow that demands a bit of hand strength and coordination let alone operating the additional Blink mechanism inside his head SO.. don't think you HAVE to have a Blinking Gus to have a cool puppet. Gus is VERY cool anyway you order him!

no, he doesn't have to have ears or two eyes for that matter ha'


Made with the same quality and care as our slightly smaller MonsterPuppets©, Gus holds the title as
"The Big Daddy" of all Puppets!

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This Very Large, real working puppet can perform
while holding stage props or gesturing with his hands.
( performer's helper required to operate Second Arm--Sleeve )

A super cool illusion that really makes the show a hit!

Gus was designed to be used as a Stage or "Green Screen" puppet where the performer(s) would be dressed in black ( or green for television studio work ) to be hidden from the audience.




Go get a ruler, and try to imagine holding this 44 inch Puppet!

Your audience will ROAR with laughter
when Hu’ Mongus hits the stage!

Click for Fun!

MonsterPuppets© are the Real Deal!

Our Puppets are shipped all over the world and purchased by everyone from Grandparents, Teachers, County Libraries and School systems to Vegas Performers, Television Movie makers and even Hollywood Celebrities & Music Stars!

Not a toy.

The Real Deal!

Very Large & Super Nice!

This could be the Star that you've been looking for!


This is one of our Biggest Professional Puppet designs.
Yes... we can make this monster-size Monster Puppet in ANY of our fabric Colors.

However, he requires a lot of fabric and a little more time so please allow at least 7 - 14 days for construction plus another day or three for U.S. Priority Mail shipping.

See "Prices Page" for most Puppet Prices - Gus is currently $350.00 / add "Full Body" feature for $60.00 more.

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